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19 November 2016 @ 11:25 am
Cosmetology school, Josh McDermitt, BF, and more!  
Hey my LJ peeps! I'm sorry it's been pretty much a year since I made my last post. I've had so much happen to me this year. 2016 has definitely turned out to be the best year in a long time. Matt and I are still together and we're excitedly planning our one year anniversary for the end of December/beginning of January. Jeremy and I are still friends and he actually has a girlfriend, which i'm happy about because he deserves someone special. After all that happened between us last year we are still good friends.

Back in August of this year I enrolled in a cosmetology program to Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy and I LOVE IT! I was so adamant about not doing hair a few years ago, but after a number of reasons I decided to enroll and i'm so glad I did. Even though tuition has seriously depleted my savings account it's still the best choice I could have made. I'm learning so much and I love doing hair! I'm in the part-time program (tues-fri 9am-2:30pm) and I am scheduled to graduate next July if I don't miss out on school days. I wish I could have updated my journal when all of these things were going on in real time, but I think enjoying them in the moment is the thing i'm trying to do now. Anything of significance I will definitely want to document on here. :)

Another big thing that happened is Matt and I went to Rhode Island Comic Con last saturday! It was my first Con and, while there were a lot of problems with how things were run and such, it was a great experience. We dressed as Batman and Wonder Woman and he purchased a lot of collectible things. There wasn't really anything worth buying to me since I could get a lot of those things at a cheaper price elsewhere. It was more so about the experience for me than anything I could have bought. We did share a fried dough though and that was bomb.

There was one thing that made this experience so outstanding...I MET JOSH MCDERMITT! He plays Eugene in The Walking Dead. I didn't even know he would be there until I saw him in his little panel booth thing. Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham on the show, was also there but his line was so long. Not only that, but I was debating aloud with Matt and the security woman watching over their lines about who I should meet and what I should get (an autograph was $40, plus a picture is all together $60, and I only brought $40 with me).

Seeing Josh take silly selfies with fans and being so sweet with everyone, and the fact that his line towards the end of the day was next to nothing, I decided to go for it and meet him. I had settled on just getting the autograph since i'd have a physical memory of the experience, but Matt chipped in the extra $20 for me to get pictures with him too. I couldn't believe it! I'll include all of he pictures Josh took with me in a read more tab since he took 16 of them and that would be a lot haha.

All the details of meeting Josh: I got to choose among 3 different promo pictures to get signed by him. As I was waiting in line I was definitely nervous but not as much as I expected to be. That was probably because he seemed so easy going and relaxed that it calmed me down. Once it was my turn in line we shook hands, said hey to eachother, and he talked to me about my day and who else I saw in the Con. I told him it was my first experience going to this convention and he gave me so much props for dressing as Wonder Woman and looking awesome as compared to those that would come dressed in their normal clothes their fist time around. I got to telling him that I had to meet him because I loved Eugene and that he was amazing, to which he seriously loved to hear! He pulled me into a long hug and had the most sincere gratitude on his face. Then he took my phone and we got so many silly pictures! When I was waiting in line I saw that he would take some normal selfies and then get crazy and say that he would pretend to choke the person out for funny pictures. But he asked me half way through to wrap my arms around him!! I was so close to his face that I was tempted to kiss him on the cheek but I didn't want to be weird. I should have though! Anyway, once the pictures were over and I was getting ready to leave his line he said, "I love you, baby" and hugged me again for a long time! I exchanged I love you's with Josh McDermitt, oh my god. And then I walked away giggling like a school girl and I was set for the rest of the day hahaha. Oh also, on the picture he autographed he drew a heart next to my name and wrote "dibs is dibs!". At first Matt and I thought he meant he was dibbing me as his girl but I soon realized that it was a quote he said in the show that he put on all his autographs apparently, and mine was no exception. I didn't even remember that quote until I refreshed my memory by watching a clip of it online. What a fail on my part!

Matt and I did also get to meet Doug Walker aka Nostalgia Critic on YouTube and get a picture with him as well, but that was more for Matt because he was so excited to meet him. I love Doug and his show on YouTube but I didn't have the money to get an autograph. He actually only charged $10 for an autograph and the pictures were free!! That's fucking insane.

Anyway, here are the pictures of Josh and I!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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